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Jordan Beck


I began my career in the public-school setting, primarily working with adolescents.  In 2008, I branched out into private practice, specializing in social-language classes for young children on the Autism spectrum.  In 2009, I began in-home early intervention and prevention services in the Wauwatosa and Cedarburg areas.  When my daughter was diagnosed with a profound feeding disorder and failure to thrive, I received a certification in the Sequential Oral Sensory Approach® to feeding and the Beckman Oral Motor Protocol®.  Since then, I have specialized in feeding and oral motor disorders in newborns through young adults in a private outpatient setting. I take great pride in the care we provide and how our practice has evolved over the years.  We look forward to the future as we continue our mission to strive for innovative treatment to enhance the lives of our families. 


Treatment Philosophy:

Working with such wonderful clients and families is truly a privilege.  I love watching a client reach his/her potential and celebrating achievements with families, even years after therapy has ended.  I’m not only thinking about how we want to be successful this week but what we need for success in the future.  Every session we will celebrate new achievements and collaborate to determine the best way to incorporate therapeutic techniques and skills into daily life to maximize progress.  Through every challenge I encounter, I try to see the situation through the eyes of the family and patient.  It is my belief that children are always doing the best they can, given their current abilities.  If things are not progressing as we (the adults) would like, we go beyond traditional approaches to identify what therapies will best help the individual.  Experiences with my own children have given me a very unique perspective on how challenging and overwhelming life is when your child is not “progressing.”  This mindset has led me to seek out training that allows me to maximize treatment outcomes for our clients.  Based on individual needs, we will incorporate components of social/emotional development, neuroplasticity, mindfulness, responsive parenting, and nutrition. 

Favorite Quote:

“Grace is the whisper when you're standing in front of the dark that says, I can't make this less scary for you, but I can remind you that you've walked through it before.”


-Brené Brown

Certifications and Specialty Training:

  • Sequential Oral Sequencing (SOS) Approach ®

    • SOS Basic Conference Course

    • SOS Advanced Courses:

      • Children with Gastroesophageal Reflux

      • Feeding the 6-16 Month Old Child

      • Helping Children Transition Off Supplemental Tube Feedings

      • Feeding the Child on the Autism Spectrum

      • Food Scientist Model: SOS Approach to Feeding Adaptation for the School Aged Child

      • Food Tolerance Decision Making

  • Oral Motor Disorders

    • Beckman Oral Motor Assessment & Intervention

    • Beckman Oral Motor Assessment & Intervention - Lab Assistant

    • Beckman: Advanced Orofacial Deep Tissue Certification


Kaufman: Evaluation and Treatment of Children with Apraxia of Speech

Neuro-Development Treatment:

  • Positive Peds Handling Course

  • Contemporary NDT Treatment of the Baby and Young Child

  • Assessment and Treatment of Children with Oral Motor, Feeding/Swallowing and Respiratory Function Challenges: Children with Neuromuscular Involvement  

  • Neurodevelopment Treatment Certification - In Progress



  • Four time Recipient of the American Association of Speech-Language Hearing Association Award for Continuing Education (ACE) for demonstrating commitment to lifelong learning.

  • 2021 UWM College of Health Sciences Community Partnership Award



Other Training:

  • Yoga & Mindfulness Tools for Children & Adolescents: Improve emotional regulation and increase attention

  • Autism Intensive Training - Imagine a Child’s Capacity, LLC

  • Presenter: Wisconsin Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology Association (WSHA) Annual Conference: “Introduction to Feeding Therapy: General Guidelines and Treating the “Picky Eater”

What our families have to say about working with Jordan...

"Working with Jordan Beck changed the trajectory of our daughter's life…Jordan's demeanor and gentle approach immediately put my daughter at ease. Jordan quickly and expertly identified areas of issue and put together a well laid out plan for overcoming those issues"

"I know you have a lot on your plate right now. Having a child with extra challenges is overwhelming enough without having to add in another therapy or another plan to put into effect. But Speech Therapy will change everything. You will have a partner in Jordan, a person who is on your side and your child’s side. You will find ways to solve problems and improve life in your home with your child. It will not be easy, but you’ll have a smart, creative, kind, and thoughtful team member in Jordan."

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